Kessen III

Kessen III

Kessen III marks the Kessen franchise’s return to Japanese history and aesthetics. The story begins at the heart of Japan’s turbulent Sengoku, or "warring states," period.

Kessen III – Breakthrough at Sekigahara

The eighth part of a Kessen III mock run that was completed in 2:35.

This one is annoying, because the goal is for Oichi to reach the arrive point at the top of the map. Along the way, you encounter a bunch of enemies which want to stop her. Therefore, it becomes YOUR job (because the A.I. utterly fails at combat) to clear most of the way for her.

I had Katsuie Shibata as my backup, so I tried to tear the enemies into bite-sized bits for him to finish off. I kind of made an exception with the ninja squads (Sandayu Momochi and Kido Otawa), because I learned that you need to defeat the squad hiding out in front of the arrive point.

Oichi is too freaking stupid to blow past them otherwise, and it helps to get rid of them before Tatsuoki and Toshimitsu Saito come up the river to get me.

Of course, they’d never get the chance to go up the river if a certain other squad would do things properly. As always though, the A.I. struggles to simply take down one enemy by themselves. Inferior troop types are a part of that, but still.

Kessen III – Recapturing Gifu Castle

The twenty-eighth part of a Kessen III mock run that was completed in 2:35.

Victory condition: Defeat Toshimitsu Saito (Quick Man).

Defeat condition: Nobunaga Oda is defeated.

Kessen 3 прохождение часть 1 – Первая кампания Нобунаги

Начало и первая часть прохождения игры Kessen 3. В этой части показано начало военной карьеры Нобунаги Оды, самого грозного из всех самураев в японской истории. Здесь будут столкновение у Кира-Охама и битва Инуямы.