Athens 2004 Review

Athens 2004 Review

Athens 2004 doesn’t improve much on the button mashing and timing-based gameplay that Konami built Track & Field on more than 20 years ago.

Athens 2004 Olympics {PS2}

The best 50pence I’ve ever spent, filmed on the PlayStation 2.

Abandoned After the Olympics: Greece’s $11 Billion Mistake

As is usually the case, the reality is more complicated than the narrative.

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Athens 2004 (PS2) | This Game is STILL Amazing

Athens 2004, PlayStation 2. I used to love this game and hope they make more like it after upcoming Olympics. So much fun going back to this one, I hope you enjoy it. A big thank you to the team working on PCSX2 for making it possible for me to revisit this game, they’ve done a great job and deserve a huge amount of credit. Hope you enjoy.

Setting Up: (0:00)
200m: (0:58)
Triple Jump: (2:31)
Floor Exercise: (4:13)
Javelin Throw: (6:31)
High Jump: (8:44)
110m Hurdles: (12:05)
Skeet: (13:12)
Rings: (19:41)
100m: (21:41)
100m Freestyle: (22:50)
400m: (24:58)
Weightlifting: (27:11)
Outro: (30:00)